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Are Deepfakes legal?

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With the ever-increasing popularity of Deepfake technologies, the pressure on governments and social media titans to regulate synthetic content, media with manipulated audio or video data, also increases. The impact of those regulations varies significantly from country to country. However, as Machine Learning (ML) and Deepfake technologies change and improve, so will the laws and […]

Deepfake: Do Risks Outweigh Opportunities?

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In the past couple of years, Deepfake technologies have gained massive popularity. While Deepfake applications continue to increase in number and the technology is advancing at an incredible speed, it is safe to say that Deepfake content is currently a cause for plenty of concern. One thing is certain, Deepfakes and machine learning technologies are […]

The Past and Present of Deepfake

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Deepfakes have gained massive popularity and acknowledgment in recent years. As increasingly more negative and positive applications are becoming prominent, exploring the technological benefits and limiting the harm through rules and policies has become crucial. Regulating companies using deepfake technologies is a matter of government policies; however, the media posted by users is borderline impossible […]

Deepfake detection college degrees open all GAFA’s doors

Deepfake college degree

Advancements in Deepfake technologies have reached the point where it is virtually impossible to differentiate between synthetic and real data without utilizing Deepfake detection software. Deepfake identification technologies already present significant business value and attract considerable investments. A word on machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks  Machine learning is an intelligent automation technology used […]


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